Flex Teams

What is a flex team?

A Flex Team is a flexible, nimble and fluid committee around which all Los Angeles World’s Fair™ planning operates. We share our skills, backgrounds, and visions in collaborative teams that meet to address certain tasks but can be reorganized when a specific need arises. Our current Flex Teams are below.


Includes creating policies and procedures defining the mission and vision for the World’s Fair organization.


Includes branding, graphic design, and traditional and digital marketing and communication efforts.


Includes fundraising, community, agency and other outreach efforts to gain involvement and support.


Includes design, mapping, urban planning, zoning, TODs, transit and infrastructure, green planning, and building.

Real Estate

Developers, realtors, and property owners are critical to the innovation of our distributed World's Fair. Join the adventure...


Includes the most important aspect for our efforts; making our fair carbon neutral and setting the bar for thoughtful long term minimizing of human impact on the earth’s ecosystems.

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