World's Fairs Are Big

World’s Fairs change the world for the better! The incredible IMAX and the touchscreen were unveiled in 1980 and 1984 at World’s Fairs. World’s Fairs leave shimmering memories on the minds of countless millions and leave in their wake legendary art, vast urban improvement and a stunning inventory of technical innovation. They invigorate communities and stimulate local economies. Few American’s are sufficiently aware of the magic, wonder, and power these events hold. The Los Angeles World’s Fair is about to change that.

Los Angeles Is Perfectly Prepared

With over 100 countries, 1,000 companies and 100 million visitors participating from around the world – the Los Angeles World’s Fair is going to be the biggest, World’s Fair EVER! At its core will be LA’s new multi-billion dollar transit system which inspired the theme: The Connected City™. From iconic entertainment lineups to unique international collaborations – the LA World’s Fair will bring people, places and possibilities together. Every corner of the city will be touched by the dazzling spectrum of attractions… and the whole world is invited to take part.

We Need You

This event is for the people by the people! Every effort is a vote for change, from corporate sponsorship to grassroots social-media-buzz-building. We have an existing network of investors, officials, celebrities, non-profit leaders, artists, and community organizers involved in the execution of this great production – but we need you! To be the most culturally inclusive, socially empowering, and economically beneficial event ever… we need full community participation. Make a contribution today, click here now!