World’s Fair Pavilion Zero Design Competition

Los Angeles World’s Fair Pavilion Zero Design Competition

There’s a buzz in the air throughout Los Angeles. It’s an exciting time! It’s been announced that Los Angeles will be the host for the 2028 Summer Olympic Games, we at the Los Angeles World’s Fair, SPC (LAWF) continue to press forward in bringing a World’s Fair to Los Angeles. Our Fair will lead up to the Olympic Games and bring a massive economic stimulus to everyone in the Los Angeles area.

This amazing event begins with Pavilion Zero. Pavilion Zero is the first building constructed for the Los Angeles World’s Fair, its headquarters, and a destination for visitors to see the master plan of the fair as we lead up to 2022. The LA World’s Fair organization has teamed up with the Los Angeles Collaborative to invite students to participate in a Pavilion Zero design competition. You can get all of the competition guidelines as well as the awards for winning designs by clicking this link.

Final Posters Due: September 30th, 2017

We invite all design students to participate in this competition. Time’s running out! Don’t forget to share this with your friends.